Pro-Tips is a series of articles directly from the pros. Tips from the mouth of the athletes who have reached the pinnacle of the sport. With tips of every kind, this article series is intended to help enlighten everyone on what it is the pros do that help set them apart. 

Pro-Tips tip of the week

Stephen Pifer: The Nuts and Bolts of Running Rob Versaw May 2, 2013

Stephen Pifer is a genuinely nice guy. While a professional runner, he is a reminder that the pros put their shoes on the same way the rest of us do. He works for Newton shoes as a regional representative for the southeast. When not on sales or racing circuits he often comes up to Park City to train since his wife is from Utah. 

Pro-Tips - Emma Coburn - From a Small School to the Big Stage Rob Versaw Apr 17, 2013

Emma Coburn, possibly best known for making the 2012 Olympic team is without a doubt one of the premier  American collegiate runners right now and is a big part of the future of US women's distance running. Recently, she disproved naysayers about her speed by winning the NCAA Indoor track and field championships in the mile with a blazing time of 4:29.

Pro Tips: Gerry Lindgren on Racing Tough Rob Versaw Apr 10, 2013

While maybe a name that rings more bells with our parents generation, Gerry Lindgren etched his way into distance running fame nearly fifty years ago with his gutsy racing. His senior year in high school, Lindgren ran a personal best in 5000 meters at 13:44, establishing a U.S. high school record.

Olympian Tips* Tip of the Week: Shalaya Kipp Rob Versaw Apr 3, 2013

Shalaya Kipp is a name many may recognize. Growing up in Utah, she started being active at a young age, whether it be swimming lessons, skiing or a variety of other activities. When she got to middle school she went out for cross country to make friends, and by the time she graduated high school was among the very best high school runners the state had to offer. After matriculating at the University of Colorado her career started to blossom. She went from being a local hero to a national hero, earning a trip to London as  a steeplechaser on the USA Track and Field team. Her journey was not one traveled alone, in fact, she was joined by fellow Buffaloes Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn in London. Kipp took some time to speak with Utah Milesplit about the importance of a good team and being a good teammate

Pro-tips: Jim Ryun Rob Versaw Mar 20, 2013

Until Leo Manazano ran his way to a silver medal in London this past summer Jim Ryun was most current miler/1500m from the United State to medal, only he did it in 1968 at Mexico City. At the time he owned world records in the 800, 1500m and mile. Eventually, like Jim, track will end for all of us, but he took a moment to chat with us about what track has taught him about the real world.

Pro-Tips: Charles Jock on Race Strategy Ryan Waite Mar 6, 2013

Charles Jock is famous in the running world for his front-running style. On multiple occasions, Jock has taken the pace out in under 50 seconds on the first lap of the 800 meters. Jock won an NCAA title his senior season at Cal-Irvine and was the runner up his junior year. Jock also qualified for the 2011 World Championships by taking third at the 2011 USA outdoor championships in the 800m. Jock now has an endoresment deal with Nike. We asked him about how he came to his race strategy and also how athletes can push themselves to reach their full potential.

Pro-Tips: Evan Jager on injuries and trying something new Ryan Waite Feb 27, 2013

In 2009 Evan Jager was at the top of U.S distance running. At only 20 years old, he was running at the Track and Field World Championships, representing the United States in the 5000m. Then over the next two years, Evan struggled with Injuries. While battling discouragment, Evan fought his way back on to the track and showed everyone not only could he return to an elite level, but he could do it in a new event. Evan went on to qualify for the Olympics and break the American Record in the 3000m Steeplechase in his first year of running the event. Now Evan has dreams of medaling in the Olympics, only a few years after wondering if he would be able to run at a high level ever again. We asked Evan what it takes to come back after injury, and also asked for advice for those looking to try a new event. He also tells us about what it's like to train with the group he trains with as well as how to stay motivated when you have to train on your own.

Pro-Tips: Erik Sowinski on perseverance Ryan Waite Feb 20, 2013

Erik Sowinski was a five-time first team All-American at the University of Iowa. In 2011, he placed 4th at the NCAA indoor championships in the 800 meters. In 2012, he placed 3rd indoors and 2nd outdoors. He has a personal best of 1:45.90 and was a competitor in the Olympic Trials. While Erik had a lot of success in college, he is currently without a professional endorsement deal. That has not stopped Erik however from continuing to chase his dream. On February 16, Erik ran at the Millrose Games in the 600m and took down Olympians Duane Solomon and Nick Symmonds and broke the American Record by running a 1:15.61. On Sunday, March 3, he took another big step in his career by winning the 800m at the USA Indoor Championships. We talked with Erik and he gave us valuable insight into never giving up on your dream and always believing in what you know you can accomplish. 

Pro-Tips: Miles Batty on Goal Setting Kyle Perry Feb 12, 2013

Pro-Tips is a series of articles directly from the pros. Tips from the mouth of the athletes who have reached the pinnacle of the sport. With tips of every kind, this article series is intended to help enlighten everyone on what it is the pros do that helps set them apart. 


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