2013 BYU Invitational 2013

Provo, UT


BYU INVITE Day 1&2: Heptathlon, Decathlon, and Steeple May 3, 2013

Day 1 of the BYU invite kicked off Wednesday in Provo with the Multi events, where the winner is crowned Utah’s Greatest Athlete. With 5 events on Wednesday for the boys and 4 events for the girls,  they came back again Thursday to finish the rest of their events. Also on the day was the 2000m steeple chase.

BYU Invite Recap: Boys Track Events May 4, 2013

It was a great day on the track today at BYU, as state records seemingly fell in event after event. When records are falling that frequently, it is hard to say what the performance of the day was. Every event was exciting and event could be considered the performance of the meet. 

BYU Invite Recap: Girls Track Events May 4, 2013

When the BYU Invitational’s Golden Hour began there was a slight wind, overcast but bright skies, and comfortable temperatures to set the stage for some very good times.

BYU Invite Recap: Girls Field Events May 6, 2013

This past weekend in Provo, Brigham Young University hosted their annual BYU High School Outdoor Invitational. The meet is always a big producer of top marks, and this year the performances were even better than some expected, as state records fell in what seemed like every event on the day.  Some of the best competition came from Girls Field events, where every girl laid her best on the line.

5 New State Records Set at BYU Invite Friday May 3, 2013

  The UHSAA updated the state record list just yesterday, and it took all of 24 hours for it to be out of date. 4 utah athletes broke a state recrod in their classification in the 3200 on friday.  This morning at the BYU Invite Ben Saarel Broke the 3a State Record in the 3200m convincingly as he broke the previous record by 5 seconds. The record was held by Luke Puskedra set in 2008 at 8:54, today be ran 8:49.08.

BYU Invite: Friday Preview May 3, 2013

  The BYU High School Invitational is likely the biggest meet of the year. With nearly all the best competition from around the state converging in Provo, this year could be the best BYU invite ever. It comes just one weekend after Davis hosted their invitational that saw 4 State Records, a mark that would be hard to beat.  

BYU Invite Recap: Boys Field Events May 5, 2013

The BYU Invitational is quite literally the biggest meet of the year. It has more competition than any other meet, and the depth of the competition makes it ideal for elite performance. In Track and Field it is know that it is easier to perform at your best when you have great competition pushing you to your limits. That’s exactly what the BYU Invitational offers, with great depth in every division.