Senior Spotlight: Carson Helmer (Desert Hills)

How did you first get started running?

I was introduced to running through the school system in Australia where I lived at the time. I was 12 years old. Then I started seriously finding the passion for it when I found an amazing Coach Named Gary Mullins who introduced the life benefits of running competitively.

Favorite Workout?

My favorite workout would probably have to be 8x800s my coach Marc Medford in North Carolina would have me run in prep for state championships on the track.

Least Favorite Workout?

For some reason, I never found the fun in 1200s or hills.

What was the greatest obstacle you've had to overcome in your high school career?

The greatest obstacle would have to be moving around through my Highschool career so much. My freshman year I had just that summer moved to Raleigh North Carolina from Australia, and in the summer of 2019, I moved to Southern Utah. It was always a big transition and obstacle of adjusting and learning to work with new territories and people.

How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race?

Physically I prepare for races but just training of course. Race day I usually will just do a lot of stretching and a shakeout run before if I can
Mentally I like to visualize not my race but after the race of me accomplishing what I plan to do so. It helps me chase that feeling of hard work paying off.

Any Pre Race superstitions?

I do have a lot of pre-race superstitions. I have to make sure that everything I do to prepare for the race is at the right time I planned and the right way I planned. You may have noticed also at the State XC meet I bleached my hair blonde. Yeah, I'm not doing that again as good as it was.

Most memorable race?

The most memorable race most definitely had to be the 4A East region NC track championships. I had a goal of getting top 4 so I could qualify for the state meet my sophomore year. The field was quite a stacked one. It was awesome cause it was held at my home school so I had everyone screaming for me. I had one lap to go in the 1600 and I said: " lol why not have some fun, what's the point of running a race when you aren't trying to win it ". So I stuck on that leader's tail and chased him down all the way with 100 m to go
He bested me towards the end as he was more of a miler guy, but I finished the line in 2nd with a time of 4:24, something I never thought I would do my sophomore year. Coach Marc was super pumped about it and I'll always remember him celebrating as I crossed the line.

What is the best piece of advice you have received from either a coach or teammate?

The best piece of advice that I've received has to be from Coach Marc in North Carolina. He told me that "when you step on that line, it's just another repeat. Another interval. You are trained to do this. This is just one of the more fun intervals. So go have some fun mate. Remember your training and your passion for running itself, and where it all started ". Will always remember that.

Where are you at on college decisions?

My College decisions right now are still progressing and have more to come from the next races. Hopefully, I'll commit some time during the beginning to mid-track season.

What are your top 3 goals you wish to accomplish before you graduate?

1: prove to myself that I deserve to be up there with the top guys
2: Hit some respectable times for the 1600 and 3200, as well as the 800.
3: State champ

Fun Questions 

Favorite Food?

Fish and Chips

Favorite Movie?

Any of the OG Star Wars movies

Favorite song?

4 da Kidz By Kid Cudi

Favorite Color?

Green, black, or white I can't choose

What's your favorite season, and why?

Definitely spring as it's that perfect smell and it's my birthday season. Also, spring has a variety of weather which I like.

Do you play any other sports?


How many pairs of running shoes have you gone through in your lifetime?

Too many to count, you'll have to ask my mom cause I've sure she has counted lol.

What's something that's on your bucket list?

I wanna retire in Australia.

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

Swinging like Spider-Man would be amazing, but I've always considered myself to be a Master Jedi.

What's one fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I can do the worm going forward where most people go backward.