Senior Spotlight: Creed Thompson (Skyridge)

*Creed Thompson after placing 2nd at RunningLane XC Championships.

How did you first get started running?

I started in 7th grade so I could get faster for soccer.

Favorite Workout?


Least Favorite Workout?

5x500 at 800 pace

What was the greatest obstacle you've had to overcome in your high school career?

Keeping myself in check and making sure I was running for the right reasons.

How do you prepare yourself both mentally and physically for a race?

I hydrate and eat 3 hours before, and I try not to overthink the race, just chill and have fun

Any pre-race superstitions?

I always race in the same socks

What was your most memorable race?

State 2019 gave me the confidence I needed to make huge improvements the rest of the season

What is the best piece of advice you have received from either a coach or teammate?

Have fun and be grateful for all the opportunities we have

Where are you at on college decisions?


What are your top 3 goals you wish to accomplish before you graduate?

1. Cherish the rest of high school

2. drop some nasty track times

3. qualify for Brooks PR

Fun Questions

Favorite food?


Favorite movie?


Favorite Song?

Dogs by Pink Floyd, Moog City by C418, or Tommy Boy by Kid Smoko

Favorite Color?


What's your favorite season and why?

Summer because base mileage is the best

Do you play any other sports?


How many pairs of running shoes have you gone through in your lifetime?

19 in high school

What's something on your bucket list?

Get BYU another title

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


What's one fun fact about yourself?

I'm a triplet