Athlete Spotlight: Abby West

Athlete spotlight interview with Wasatch senior Abby West.  Abby is already off to a hot start this season.  She finished as the runner up at the Highland invitational and continued with a 3rd place finish at the SUU high school invite.  Abby finished 5th at the Utah State XC Championships 4A Girls race and she will be the 2nd best returner in the 5A division.  This Season, Abby will be hoping to go out with a bang by earning her first ever region title as well as a state title.

Abby West's Personal Bests

800m2:21.06Wasatch Invitational (2017)
1600m5:05.66BYU High School Invitational (2017)
3200m11:07.85Utah State Track and Field Championships (2017)
2.X mile 17:37.00Highland XC Invitational (2017)
3 mile18:20.40Region 8 Championships (2016)
5k19:39.00UHSTCA Pre-Foot Locker Invitational (2017)

How Did you first get started running?

I first got started running the summer before freshman year.  I heard some kids talk about cross-country and I showed up not really knowing what it was.  The first day I showed up was a 2 mile timed run up Guardsman's pass.  When I got to the top I almost threw up and swore I would never come back.  But i kept coming, and I fell in love with it. 

Favorite Workout?                
My favorite work out is the 2 mile timed runs we do up Guardsman's pass and Snake Creek.  It's really great hill training and it feels so awesome when you get to the top. 

Least favorite workout?
My least favorite workout is the mile repeats we do on the road, they always kill me, and I'm better at hills.  

How do you personally prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race?
I can't let myself look at statistics too much.  I psych myself out when I do that.  I have to remind myself that it doesn't matter how good the competition is, all that matters is that I give it my all.  I'm racing myself, not the other girls.  I also drink a ton of water and eat a ton of food the day of and a couple days before meets.  That helps me a ton.   

Pre race superstition?
It's not a superstition, but the one thing I have to do before a race is pray with my team.  It makes me feel 1000 times better about everything and it's helped me in so many races before.  I feel like praying gives me the extra help and strength I need at the start line and all throughout the race.  It's definitely the best thing and my favorite thing to do before I race.  

Most memorable race?
My most memorable race was my sophomore year, at the BYU track meet.  I was running the mile, and after 2 laps i was still almost in the very back of the race.  I was starting to give up and was already getting disappointed about my race, when it hit me that I still had a lot of energy.  I wasn't that tired.  And so with a 600 left in the race I started kicking.  I could see all my teammates panicking and yelling that I still had another lap, and it freaked me out a little, but I figured I'd just keep kicking until I had no energy left.  I started passing all these girls and with a 250 left I was in 1st.  I ended up winning that race and qualifying for State.  Everyone was telling me that was one of the craziest races they'd ever watched, and it made me realize that you can't ever give up in a race.  

Where are you at on college decisions?
I have a couple colleges I'm really considering, but I haven't made any decisions yet.  My plan is just to give it my all this season and see what offers I can get.  

What are your top 3 goals you wish to accomplish this season?
My top 3 goals this season are
1) I want to get our girl's team to State.  
2) I want to get in the 17s at State.
 3) I want to go as hard and as fast as I possibly can this season so I can take Region and State.