Senior Spotlight: Dalton Mortensen (Bountiful)

How did you first get started running? 

I started in 7th grade as extra conditioning for soccer

Favorite Workout?

 I love doing continuous workouts and long intervals- pretty much race simulation type stuff. 

Least Favorite Workout? 

I don't like doing short sprints with long recovery- mostly because top-end speed is one of my weaknesses and I need to keep working on it. 

What was the greatest obstacle you've had to overcome in your high school career? 

Definitely Achilles tendonitis in both legs. My junior year it was luckily after Footlocker nationals when I injured my right Achilles, but this year my left Achilles got injured before the national level meets so I couldn't compete.  

How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race? 

I keep the same routine because I always try to be consistent so my body knows what to do on race day. That also helps me mentally because I can just relax and let the racing take care of itself. 

Any Pre Race superstitions? 

My teammates and I always smack our legs as a pre-race ritual and as a joke- for me, it's a reminder that racing should be fun when I'm nervous before a race. 

Most memorable race? 

It's gotta be state XC 2019. I wasn't the favorite going into the race but winning that day gave me the confidence to keep doing my best no matter the odds. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received from either a coach or teammate? 

At state XC my sophomore year, my coach told me to run uninhibited. We had had a tough season and that ended up being one of my best races of the year. That advice has stuck with me because it sums up my mentality when I'm racing- I'm just here to run my best race and have fun. I let the racing take care of itself because I trust my coach and my training.  

Where are you at on college decisions? 

I signed to run with BYU! 

What are your top 3 goals you wish to accomplish before you graduate? 

5000m- sub 14:00 (probably on the track at this point) 
3200m- sub 9:00 
1600m- sub 4:10 

Fun Questions 

 Favorite Food? 

Smoothies or peanut butter 

Favorite Movie? 


Favorite song? 

Don't have one but almost anything from juice world. 

Favorite Color? 


What's your favorite season and why? 

Summer- base phase for XC! 

Do you play any other sports? 

I played competitive soccer until 10th grade 

How many pairs of running shoes have you gone through in your lifetime? 

25ish during high school including spikes and flats 

What's something that's on your bucket list? 

Go to Kenya and go for a run with the goat himself (Kipchoge) 

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?  

Teleportation or Healing 

What's one fun fact about you? 

I could eat a Chipotle burrito every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of it