Senior Spotlight: Daniel Larsen (Davis)

How did you first get started running?
I was in the middle of playing a comp. soccer season and my brother who was a runner said "hey you should try track this 7th grade!" and at first I was not very interested but tried it anyway and after that, I just fell in love with it and later quit soccer!

Favorite Workout?
Some of my favorite workouts are tons of 400m repeats or 1600 repeats.

Least Favorite Workout?
I absolutely hate fartlek workouts because I always get a side ache from stopping and going so many times and I hate to stop the fast sections.

What was the greatest obstacle you've had to overcome in your high school career?
I think one of my greatest obstacles was becoming competitive on my team and in the state even when I didn't have as much talent as some of the other guys. But that never stopped me, I took every opportunity possible to work hard and make up for it. Another challenge was that all the guys who I trained closely with were a year ahead of me so when they graduated, I for the majority had to run on my own for hundreds of miles.

How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race?
Two days before a race, I do a run that is about 5-7 miles and is around or under 6 min pace to make sure my turnover is sharp and my breathing is efficient. And then the day before the race I don't necessarily taper but I make sure I'm going at a pace that isn't hard usually around 7 min pace. Mentally to help me feel motivated and excited, I think about all the training and hard work I have put into this season and all the amazing memories I've had, and why I love the sport. For me, It helps to know exactly who I'm going to race against and also study the course and how the race is going to work out throughout a couple of days, which makes me feel prepared.

Any Pre Race superstitions?
Before every race, I always change out my spikes in my shoes to new ones because if I don't I feel like I won't do as good. I also always wear the same black socks for every race because I believe they are the only socks that will help me do my best.

Most memorable race?
My most memorable race was NXR 2018 when I was a sophomore! It was my first year being on varsity for Davis and I absolutely loved the guys who I was teammates with. The race was so competitive and I had dropped my 5k time by a whole minute that day while helping get points for our varsity team to end up 4th in Southwest.

What is the best piece of advice you have received from either a coach or teammate?
The best piece of advice was from a teammate, Nate Iverson, who always said towards the end of our runs "one more mile" and it has always stuck with me. It taught me that doing that extra mile every day will make an incredible difference in your running career and to finish strong that last crucial mile of the race.

Where are you at on college decisions?
I have signed to Utah State University recently and could not be more excited. Truly a dream come true!

What are your top 3 goals you wish to accomplish before you graduate?
I want to drop my times in all my main events (3200, 1600, 800), qualify for state in an event for outdoor, and finish my high school career feeling satisfied.

Fun Questions

Favorite Food?
I love chicken cordon bleu. 

Favorite Movie?
Definitely Back To The Future. 

Favorite song?
I don't have a favorite song but I love all 80's music. 

Favorite Color?

What's your favorite season and why?
Fall because that's when cross country is.

Do you play any other sports?
Yes! I played competition soccer for 5 years before jumping into running.

How many pairs of running shoes have you gone through in your lifetime?
I go through about 4-5 a year so probably around 20 or more.

What's something that's on your bucket list?
I want to do a track workout or even jog the forest track at Nike Headquarters!

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?
My superpower would be to be able to go back in time just for moments of things like watching Prefontaine's races or seeing events that we talk about all the time. 

What's one fun fact about you?
I seriously hate gum.