Utah State XC Championship 2016

Salt Lake City, UT
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Meet Information

2015 UHSAA State Cross Country Championships

Course Map:

Location: Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City, UT.
Date: October 21, 2015 @ various times per UHSAA website.
Gender: Male & Female
Each team is allowed unlimited number of entries in the meet
Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 1 events

Time Schedule
1A Girls...11:00 am
2A Girls...11:30 noon
1A Boys...12:00 pm
2A Boys...12:30 pm
3A Girls...1:00 pm
4A Girls...1:30 pm
5A Girls...2:00 pm
3A Boys...2:30 pm
4A Boys...3:00 pm
5A Boys...3:30 pm

Parking in Sugarhouse Park is limited, will be crowded and is discouraged. With races being run throughout the
day, vehicle access to the park and leaving the park will be slow. Parking for both buses and spectators will be
available in the Highland High School driving range located just south of the school and adjacent to the stadium
where all races finish. Use of this lot is strongly encouraged. The lot is accessed from 17th East. Only meet
administration will be allowed in the lot immediately west of the starting line.

Bib Numbers and Bar Codes for Competitors
Coaches, please check all bib-number barcode labels for correct information! Team packets which will
include bibs with bar codes will be distributed near the starting line. Meticulous attention here will ensure
accuracy for news releases and the UHSAA results. Please make sure the name, school, classification, and
gender are all correct on each label. If anything is incorrect, please report it to the computer station near the
finish line to have it corrected. This must be done BEFORE the races take place. Information is only as accurate
as what is received.

Medals will be awarded to the top 10 individual finishers in each race. The first and second place boys and girls
teams in each classification will receive trophies. All awards will be made as quickly after the finish as possible.
Academic All-State awards will also be presented at this time. Awards will be presented on the west side of the
track in front of the west bleachers in the Highland High stadium. Please be there on time to receive awards.

Practice at State Meet Site
No practice is allowed at the site of the state meet within two (2) weeks of the state competition. This includes
walking the course as a team or as an individual.

Starting Positions
A random draw for team starting positions will be done and posted on the Cross Country Page of the UHSAA
web-site Tuesday, October 21 and included in your packet.
Athletic Trainers and EMT
EMTs and athletic trainers will be available at the finish line. If you see someone in need please assist by getting
information concerning the location and problem to the start or finish lines immediately.

Caps, Headbands, Etc.
As per rule 3-2-4-n the games committee has ruled that headbands or knit caps which are unadorned except for
school name, nickname, or school mascots are legal. A knit cap or headband may have a single manufacturer's
logo/trademark, multiple colors and/or multiple designs. Baseball style caps are not legal attire. If one runner
on a team wears a knit cap/headband, not all other runners on that team are required to wear one. For the
runners on a team who do wear knit caps and/or headbands they do not have to be identical in design and/or
color. Also, sweat wrist bands are NOT considered jewelry. However, if worn, sweat wrist bands must be a
single, solid color and be unadorned except for single manufacturer's logo not to exceed dimensions listed for
other uniform apparel.

Uniform Rule
Teams are reminded of the uniform rule from Rule 9, Section 6 of the NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country
Rules Book (enclosed) and applicable sections of the NFHS Case Book. A copy of the Rules Book is sent to all
UHSAA member schools each year. Please know the rule and abide by it. Rule 9, Section 4, Article 3-b reads:
"The head coach shall verify verbally, or in writing, that all of his/her competitors are properly equipped (uniform,
equipment, and no jewelry)..." When the coach enters athletes via the internet he/she is verifying that competitors
will be properly equipped to meet the requirements of this rule.

Assistance to Competitors
Coaches, please educate the members of your team, their parents and others that will come to support your
student athletes that per rule 9-7-4 it is a disqualification for a competitor who receives any assistance from
another person. The most common form of the violation of this rule is when a non-competitor runs along side a
competitor during the race (pacing). This has been a problem in the past. It would be unfortunate to have to
disqualify a runner for the actions of someone not in the race. Please help by informing those who will be there to
support your team.