2013 Utah State Championship: 1a Boys Preview

Nick Edwards (Center) of Layton Christian Acadamy hopes to propel his team to a Championship- Photo by Kyle Perry


The 1a Boys competition looks to be as close as any on the day, with no clear leader in the meet, Layton Christian, Panguitch, and Rich all have the tools needed to bring glory back to their schools.

In the Sprints, Nick Edwards of Layton Christian will look to score big points for his team as he is ranked #1 in the 100m and 200m, as well as a #4 ranking in the 400m dash. He is joined by a group of teammates that could all score and help the team cause in each event.

Rich Looks to pick up points in the mid distance and distance events, as Austin Groll is ranked #2 in the 200m Dash, and first in the 400m Dash. Vance Weston holds the top ranking in the Boys 300 hurdles, 800m and 1600m and is Ranked 2nd in the 3200m. if he runs all 4 and lives up to his ranking he can bring home big points for Rich.

Ethan Young of Milford holds the top rank in the 3200m, the 2nd rank in the 1600m, and in the 800m he ranks 3rd.

The field events have a lot of very close rankings and it should be fun to watch who can pick up what points on the way to a team title. Watch for Braxton Syrett of Bryce Valley in the Javelin throw who has already thrown over 173 feet this year


Top  Ranked Athletes in Each Event



1-    Nick Edwards, Layton Christian

2-    Matt Muir, Duchesne

3-    Kyle Foy, Altamont


1-    Nick Edwards, Layton Christian

2-    Austin Groll, Rich

3-    Matt Muir, Duchesne


1-    Austin Groll, Rich

2-    Mason Orton, Panguitch

3-    Nick Edwards, Layton Christian


1-    Vance Weston, Rich

2-    Adam Platt, Bryce Valley

3-    Ethan Young, Milford


1-    Vance Weston, Rich

2-    Ethan Young, Milford

3-    Dylan Lindsay, Altamont


1-    Ethan Young, Milford

2-    Vance Weston, Rich

3-    Dylan Lindsay, Altamont

110m Hurdles-

1-    Jake Duncan, Monticello

2-    Tyler Kendell, Layton Christian

3-    Waylon Jessen, Altamont

300m Hurdles-

1-    Vance Weston, Rich

2-    Keldon Norris, Panguitch

3-    Waylon Jessen, Altamont

Shot Put-

1-    Colin Greenhill, Layton Christian

2-    Todd Brown, YFA

3-    Jay Moosman, Wayne


1-    Todd Brown, YFA

2-    Pj Leiataua, Monticello

3-    Logan Lefevre, Bryce Valley


1-    Braxton Syrett, Bryce Valley

2-    Trent Roberts, Duchesne

3-    Tyce Barney, Panguitch

Long Jump-

1-    Mckade Nielsen, Duchesne

2-    Corey Smith, Diamond Ranch

3-    Chance Campbell, Panguitch

High Jump

1-    Dalan Bennett, Panguitch

2-    Tyce Barney, Panguitch

3-    Zack Allen, Piute


1-    Duchesne

2-    Layton Christian

3-    Milford


1-    Rich

2-    Dugway

3-    Panguitch

Sprint Medley Relay-

1-    Rich

2-    Panguitch

3-    Milford