Sprint & Field Preview- Utah State Championship Showdown

Prepare yourself for an exciting display of speed on the track as the sprinting events unfold. A great showdown is brewing in the 6A category, where Gabe Remy and Smith Snowden will go head-to-head not only in the 100-meter dash but also in the 200-meter sprint. Don't count out Champion Edwards and Aiden McDonald they could rewrite the narrative.

Shifting our focus to the 4A, the stage is set for an intense showdown between Caidan Cooper, Will West, Tyler West, and Tate Walker, each vying for hardware in both the 100-meter and 200-meter races. As for the 5A, all eyes are on Amari Adams, the favorite in the 200-meter event, who is anticipated to engage in a fierce battle with Dylan Hamilton in the 100-meter dash. 

Moving on to the 400-meter final in the 6A tier, brace yourself for a close finish between Ethan Valletta, Tate Kjar, Tate Walker, and Brock Parson. Similarly, in the 4A final, keep an eye on the battle between Tate Walker and Brock Parson. The 5A category promises a competitive finish, with Collin Petersen and Kellis Taylor pushing each other to a possible photo finish.

Shifting our focus to the art of running hurdles, the 6A division showcases Joshua Hamblin and Spencer Kirkham, emerging as the clear favorites. In the 4A category, keep an eye out for the dynamic duo of Trevor Gough and Brock Parson. Meanwhile, in the 5A class, prepare for a captivating duel between Easton Brotherson and Denver Spanheimer, both in the 100-meter hurdles, and possibly another close battle in the 300-Meter Hurdle final featuring Brotherson and Bridger Ballsteadt.

Vaulting through the sky has never been a dream of mine, but the 6A and 5A final in the pole vault will be full of bodies arching through the air.  Kyle James and Adam Wightman will battle along with the other 6A finalists.  Jackson Merrill and Brendan Croft in the 5A.  Both James and Croft have the biggest vaults this year.  

In the High Jump, Hayden Gribble and Kenadi Lee will try and out-leap each other for the 6A championship.  In the 4A it will be the battle of the Owens, with both Owen Mackay and Owen Illoa as current favorites,  In the 5A,  Noah Begay and Logan Gillian will see who is the top leaper.

In the Long Jump, Dominic Overby and Joshua Hamblin will run and jump in the 6A, and favorites Austin Eaton and Brevin Egbert from the 4A are looking for 1st place.  In the 5A Cole Brooke is a clear favorite but can't overlook the rest of the competition.

In the Discus and Shot Put, 6A looks to be the Tyler Poole show.  He's easily out front of the competition and is looking to best his 59-2 best in the Discuss and 192-6 in the Discuss.  I can't even throw a frisbee that far!  Nice job Tyler!

In the 4A there is a brewing battle between Teancum Jensen, Dallan Demille, and Colton Fam Fong.  All three will push each other in what looks like to be an exciting final.  In 5A,  Brock Bissegger is the king of the hill.  Can anyone unseat him?

In the Javelin, Brevin Hamblin is the favorite in the 6A. 4A, Walker Deede and Jack Lee will push each other for the top spot while Bo Hickman and Sawyer Woods should battle to the last throw in 5A.

Now not to be outshined by the boys, the girls' spring races will come down to the wire as well.  In the 6A,  the 100-meter and 200 meters will feature this trio of runners attempting to out lean one another for victory.  You have Amare Harlan who holds the best times in both races and Andrea Amoah and Kinzlee Riddle on her heels.  In the 5A Sarah Ballard looks to be the heavy favorite in the 100 meter, but in the 200 meter, she has to fend off Gracie Hirschi and Hanna Thompson.  Hirschi has run the fastest 200 meters of all three this year.  In the 4A, Amelia Nadauld looks to sweep all 3 sprint finals, the 100m with Drew Schwartz and Samiyah Jones giving flight, and the 200 meters where Preslie Young and Kooper Dennison will be hot on her heels, and in the 400 meters, where Cambree Tensmeyer and Izzie Olson are not far behind. In the 3A, Lucy Tripp will fend off Brynn Leavitt in the 100 meters and will be pushed hard by Gabriele Dabb in the 200 meters.

In the 400-meter race, you have quite a showdown in the 6A, all four of these girls could win it outright, Dakota Peyton, Desirae Riehle, Kylie Olsen, and Annalise Ririe.  In the 5A, Sarah Ballard again will match up against Madi Durrant and Elysie Jessen.  In the 3A, Grace Gordon and middle distance star Cadence Kasprick square off.

In the Pole Vault, Sabrina Fairbanks is the clear favorite in the 6A and Anna Ames and Taylor Yee will battle it out for the 5A crown, and Liza Haslam in the 4A.  In the High Jump, Cami Cvitkovich, Presley Gray, and Loryn Helgesen will attempt to out-leap one another.  Summer Christensen and Kora Cook will attempt to one-up each other in 5A, the 4A final will pit Tori Conrad, Mercedes Stewart, and Madeline Carmona in a tight battle for the top of the podium and Grace Thomsen and Tylee Henrie will put on a show at the 3A final.  The long jump in the 6A should come down to sprinters Amare Harlan and Tehanna Moo.  5A will feature Rosa Welch, sprinter Sarah Ballard, and Kristin Oldham.  In the 4A Ameilia Nadauld is the one to beat and in the 3A Nyrvanah Crockett is looking to take the title. 

In the shot put and discussion there are some great battles in the 6A final. Kalo Fifita, Burklie Burton, and Atelaite Latu will battle in both events and see who the strongest high school girls are in the state.  In the 5A Rachel Roberts is expected to take both events, in the 4A you will see Abigail Blau and Quincy Esplin go for the top spots in the discus and shot put.  A battle is brewing in 3A, with Jordan Davenport and Brylee Greehalgh in the Discus and Kendelyn Drake and Nicole Willardson in the shot put.

In the Javelin, Miley Richards is all alone as the favorite in the 6A, while Kate Tueller and Cloe Glines should have a close match in 5A. In 4A, Maren McKenna is the clear favorite, and Emmalyn Jacobs and Cadee Alder will fight it out in the 4A final.

As you can see some pretty fierce battles in the spring and field events.  Bring sunblock and a shade umbrella the field events may take some time to figure out the victors.