Future Stars Spotlight: Jane Hedengren (Timpview)

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How did you first get started running?

My family's always been big into running. My dad ran for BYU and was an all-American. My mom ran in high school. It's fun, I grew up going to a lot of meets! So I joined a fun little track club when I was in fifth grade and have been running pretty consistently since!

Why did you choose to be a distance?

I have that endurance and that's where I do best. My dad did distance as well and that's what I have the build for! In distance races, it can be hard to have a good mental game so I love that part about it too. 

What do you remember about your first high school race?

That it was so hard. I finished that 5k and I was dead. Wasn't used to running 5ks and wasn't in good shape. I was also dealing with mono all last cross season. Didn't even realize it until it was over! But with the mono and the heat, it really took it out of me. 

What has been your most memorable race to date?

Arcadia was such a cool race. So fun to travel down there and race against the best competition. We got to race under the lights and it was perfect weather! I felt good and hit a 10:17 almost perfect pacing with a 5:08, 5:09! Always one I'm going to remember. 

What are some goals you wish to accomplish by your senior year?

I'd love to get the 3200m record for the whole state which is a 10:13! I want to also get the 1600m which is 4:45! But just keeping the mental good and keep working hard.

What has been some good advice that you have received from your older teammates?

Have fun with it. 

Were there any struggles adjusting to the high school level?

Nope my coach had the freshman slowly increase with mileage 

What kind of improvements do you want to make or things to focus on for your the next school year?

Run fast, and become a stronger runner. I'm really going to focus on recovery. Sleep, hydrating, eating food that's healthy, stretching, and rolling out. Working hard but really focused on recovery. 

What advice would you give to the incoming freshman for next season?

Work hard and get your mental game good. Running is huge mental, it's whoever is willing to hurt the most and push themselves when people aren't around. It's whoever wants it most is going to get the win and good times. 

Fun Questions

Favorite Food?


Favorite Movie?

All the rocky movies 

Favorite song?

I've got too many 

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

Super speed 

What's one fun fact about you?

I'm married to Conner Mantz he just doesn't know it yet