Regions 2 and 3 in the books: Bingham and Hillcrest Sweep

Christian Allen of Copper Hills secured his place at the 2013 Utah State XC Championships with his 4th place finish- Photo by Kyle Perry


The first 8 teams for that will appear in the state championship meet for both Boys and Girls are now officially in the books. The Region 2 and Region 3 Championships were held Thursday afternoon. It was a very rainy day in the Salt Lake Valley, with rain pouring seemingly all day long. This didn’t seem to slow anyone down as records still fell as runners competed for a spot at the state championship.

Region 2 Championships-

Hillcrest Boys dominated the Region 2 championships, and grabbed the first qualifying spot for the state championship in the process. The meet was held friday Hunter Park. Their team charge was led by a 1-2-3 finish by Jared Croft, Jonathan Egbert, and Dylan Smith. The Huskies brought home the team title with a score of only 24 points. Cottonwood, West, and Hunter all grabbed spots at the state championship, in what was a fairly close battle for 2nd. Cottonwood scored 72, with West at 80, and Hunter at 81.

The Girls results mirrored the Boys results almost identically, with Hillcrest winning the Region 2 championship with a score of 25 points. They were led by a 1-2 finish by Arianna Williams and Gracie Otto. The Huskies will look to take their  region championship momentum to the state meet. West, Hunter, and Taylorsville will fill remaining 3 spots for the state championship.

Boys Region 2 Individual Results

1- Jared Croft Hillcrest 16:27

2- Jonathan Egbert Hillcrest 16:28

3- Dylan Smith Hillcrest 17:05

 4- Jake Reschke Cottonwood 17:08

5- Nathan Taylor Hunter 17:17

6- Ryan Colby Taylorsville 17:24

7- Ty Poffenberger Cottonwood 17:34

8- Peter Christiansen Hillcrest 17:56

9- Anthony Hovey Hunter 18:00

10- Jace Longhurst Hillcrest 18:07


Boys Region 2 Team Results

1- Hillcrest 1-2-3-8-10-(13-14) 24

2- Cottonwood 4-7-16-17-28-(30-32) 72

3- West 11-12-18-19-20-(23-27) 80

4- Hunter 5-9-21-22-24-(29-35) 81

5- Taylorsville 6-15-25-26-31-(33-34) 103


Girls Region 2 Individual Results

1- Ariana Williams Hillcrest 20:25

2-  Gracie Otto Hillcrest 20:45

3- Sarah Schrom Hunter 21:01

4- Morgan Taylor Taylorsville 21:04

5- Lizzy Huston Hillcrest 21:09

6- Sophie Turok West 21:11

7- Laura Anderson West 21:30

8- Brittany Esclante Hillcrest 21:39

9- Danielle Coccimiglio Hillcrest 21:47

10- Sara Diggins Hillcrest 21:48


Girls Region 2 Team Results

1- Hillcrest 1-2-5-8-9-(10-11) 25

2- West 6-7-12-13-18-(19-23) 56

3- Hunter 3-14-17-20-22 76

3- Taylorsville 4-15-16--21-26-(27-28) 81


Region 3 Chamionships

The Region 3 meet was held at the Cottonwood Complex course in Cottonwood Heights, and big matchups took place on both the Girls and Boys side of things. The Girls race came down to the wire, and left coaches counting and recounting trying to determine if their team was victorious. Tavia Dutson led the upset minded Beetdiggers as they took aim at the Miners of Bingham. The Miners have a very strong 1-2 Duo of Marlee Mitchell and Whitney Rich, but on this course in these conditions it was Dutson holding off the pair and winning the Individual title. After Mitchell and Rich was a pair of Beetdiggers, followed by another pair of Miners, leaving the score tied exactly 18-18 through 4 runners. Bingham had the next 3 runners in, giving them the edge over Jordan 27 to 31. The last 2 state qualifying spots went to Copper Hills and Alta.

The Boys race was equally exciting. Bingham is ranked #18 in the Nation and entered the meet looking to keep momentum growing as they neared the state championship. Alta came in to the meet with their own agenda. They knew they were underrated a bit in and felt like they could compete with Bingham. Not only did they compete with Bingham, they gave the Miners a big scare. Kramer Morton took charge of the individual race and won in a Cottonwood Complex record of 15:12. He beat Andrew Brewer of Bingham by 16 seconds and showed that he is aiming his sights as repeating as the 5A state champion. The Hawks and kept the Miners in close proximity through 3 runners, but the Miners 4-5 runners grabbed just enough points to hold off the Hawks, 34 to 42.


Girls Region 3 Individual Results

1-     Tavia Dutson, Jordan HS 18:00.79

2-     MarLee Mitchell, Bingham HS 18:09.04

3-     Whitney Rich, Bingham HS 18:20.95

4-     Aubrey Monson, Jordan HS 18:52.65

5-     Hannah Dutson, Jordan HS 19:20.17

6-     Rachel Young,  Bingham HS 19:40.61

7-     Ashlyn Henry,  Bingham HS 19:48.64

8-     Ellie Jensen,  Jordan HS 19:54.21

9-     Tiani Orr,  Bingham HS 20:00.56

10-  Butterfield, Jessica Bingham HS 20:00.80


Girls Region 3 Team Results

1-     Bingham-27

2-     Jordan- 31

3-     Copper Hills- 89

4-     Alta- 119


Boys Region 2 Individual Results

1-    Kramer Morton, Alta High School 15:12.56

2-    Andrew Brewer, Bingham HS 15:28.51

3-    Caleb Walker, Bingham HS 15:51.12

4-    Christian Allen, Copper Hills HS 15:54.12

5-    Braydon Lavery, Alta High School 16:00.20

6-    Bryson Walker, Bingham HS 16:07.10

7-    Adam Haynes, Bingham HS 16:14.61

8-    Davis McDermott, Alta High School 16:17.47

9-    Matt Walch, Brighton High School 16:17.70

10-  Mitch Wade, West Jordan High School 16:22.42


Boys Region 2 Team Results 

1- Bingham- 34

2- Alta- 42 

3- Copper Hills- 85

4- Brighton- 93