2013 Utah State Championship: 1a Girls Preview

Alissa Atisme of Layton Christian Acadamy looks to lead her team to victory- Photo by Kyle Perry


The Girls 1a state championship looks to be a great competition. With Panguitch favored, if only their individuals can live up their rankings. Whitney Orton and Catania Holman look to contribute big points for Panguitch as well as Chesney Campbell. Layton Christian has some very talented athletes as well as Wayne which could make it a great three way battle for the team title.

In the Sprints, Layton Christian has a great chance to pick up big points. At the BYU invitational two weeks ago Alissa Atisme dominated as she won the most outstanding track athlete award for the 1a and 2a girls. She holds the top ranking in the 100m, 200m, 400m, and the Long Jump. Her teammate Sharon Marroquin also looks to contribute as she is seeded #2 behind Alissa in both the 100m and 200m.

In the Distance Events Freshman star Whitney Orton of Panguitch looks to win big. She holds the top ranking in the 800m, 1600m and 3200m as well as a being only a second behind Atisme in the 400m. she if she scored what she is ranked she would pick up 36 points but could do even more if things go well. Her teammate Catania Holman is ranked 2nd in both the 1600m and 3200m.

The Field events and the Relays have no specific team that looks like they will pick up big points as every team seems to be in the mix here.  Chesney Campbell of Panguitch is favored in the High Jump and is ranked highly in both hurdles and the Long Jump as well.



100m Dash

1-Alissa Atisme- Layton Christian

2-Sharon Marroquin- Layton Christian

3- Nikole Lemmon- Altamont


200m Dash

1-Alissa Atisme- Layton Christian

2-Sharon Marroquin- Layton Christian

3-Nikole Lemmon- Altamont


400m Dash-

1-Alissa Atisme- Layton Christian

2-Clarissa Johnson- Wayne

3-Whitney Orton


800m Run

1-Whitney Orton- Panguitch

2-Lauren Jackson- Wayne

3-Darri Frandsen- Panguitch


1600m Run-

1-Whitney Orton- Panguitch

2-Catania Holman- Panguitch

3-Lauren Jackson- Wayne


3200m Run-

1-Whitney Orton- Panguitch

2-Catania Holman- Panguitch

3-Lyna Garcia- Saint Joseph


100m Hurdles-

1- Kaitlin Clark- Monticello

2-Chesney Campbell- Panguitch

3- Lindsey Phillips – Escalante


300m Hurdles-

1-    Lindsey Phillips- Escalante

2-    Hannah Ellett- Wayne

3-    Kaitlin Clark- Monticello


Shot Put-

1-Maria Aguirre- Wendover

2- Kierra Gleave- Piute

3- Jocee Morrell- Wayne



1-Whitni Syrett- Bryce Valley

2-Jacie Rex- Rich

Darri Frandsen- Panguitch



1-    Emily Catron- Manila

2-    Jessica Cuevas- Wendover

3-    Kennedy Netto- Milford


Long Jump-

1-Alissa Atisme- Layton Christian

2-Eliza Katoa- Layton Christian

3- Arianna Reay- Monticello


High Jump-

1-Chesney Campbell- Panguitch

2-Lizzy Platt- Bryce Valley

3- Kaitlyn Mccoy- Wayne


4x100m Relay



3-Uintah River


4x400 Meter Relay

1-    Saint Joesph

2-    Uintah River

3-    Wayne


Sprint Medley

1-    Uintah River

2-    Panguitch

3-    Rich