Meet Information

Meet Director Contact Information:

Name: Boyd Prince

Phone: 435-635-3280

Cell Phone: 435-862-9405


Note From Meet Director:

April 6th, 1:00 PM Thursday

Coaches, in this meet you are allowed to enter 6 athletes per event, with 1 relay team per relay per gender. Please enter an accurate time/distance/height when registering for the meet. An athlete may only participate in 4 events including relays. All athletes will get one legal measure with four attempts in all field events.

Medals to top 3 finishers with a T-Shirt to top finisher.

*Registration will close April 5, 11:59 PM* This is a Utah State Qualifying meet.

Contact Coach Boyd Prince: or 435-862-9405 or Keturah Rowland: 435-467-4931 for more information.

The fees are $150 per team or $5 per individual. Looking forward to seeing you at the meet.