Alpine Days Track & Field Championships 2009

Orem, UT

Meet Information

Location: Mountain View High School, Orem, UT.

Date: April 30, 2009 @ 2:00 pm.

Gender: Male & Female

Each team is allowed unlimited number of entries in the meet

Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 4 events

Meet Director Contact Information:
Name: Scott Sumner
Phone: 801-785-8760
Cell Phone: n/a

Note From Meet Director:
Welcome to the meet registration site. Registration must be entered by Monday, April 27th, at midnight (MDT). Final scratches will be handled at the scratch meeting on Tuesday.

Each athlete can register in up to 4 events, including a relay. The system does not calculate a relay as one of the events, which it should do for this meet. Please do not enter any of your athletes into more than 4 events INCLUDING the relays.

A schedule will be posted to this site as soon as it is received. Results will be posted at the end of each day.

See you at the meet!