BYU High School Invitational 2020

Provo, UT

Meet Information

Meet Director Contact Information:
Name: Doug Padilla
Cell Phone: 801-367-6578

Note From Meet Director:

Welcome to the online registration site. Click on the Schedule link above for complete meet information. Registration will open on March 16th.

Once registration closes and information is posted, Accepted Entries can viewed by clicking on Heat Sheets on the meet schedule page (click on Schedule link above).

Registration will close on Tuesday, April 28th, at 8:00 a.m. Registration will reopen at 10:00 am until noon sharp to make corrections. Please process your entries before 8:00 a.m. Do now wait until the correction window.

Registration for the Multi-events (Decathlon and Heptathlon) is accepted in a separate meet that will be held two weeks earlier.

Athlete limits apply. Each team is allowed to enter athletes into up to 25 events per gender (not including relays or 3200). Do not enter athletes with more than 25 participations, even though the system may allow it. Each athlete may not enter more than 4 events, including relays. All seed marks used to qualify must come from state qualifying meets in Utah this year.

The top 9 relays from each classification will be accepted into the meet. Please enter your alternate relay members in positions 5 and 6. The top 12 athletes in each classification will be accepted into the 3200 meters.

For schools that are not in Utah, please use the following guide to determine the classification that matches your enrollment:

1A- 250 and below
2A- 251-500
3A- 501-800
4A- 801-1300
5A- 1301-1700
6A- 1701 and above

Please register your athletes into the events that match your classification. See you at the meet!