Three Indoor Records In Jeopardy Of Being Broken This Season

*Austin Klingler of West Jordan runs 48.24 for 400m

The 2021 indoor season has already been a unique series of meets that we have ever seen.  All of our usual meets were canceled, and due to that fact, a new slew of meets arose from the ashes giving us some action before our outdoor season begins.  We have already seen one indoor record go down this season, and that was when Ryan Trane ran 8.09 to break the 60H record. With only two weeks left in the indoor season, we'll be looking at three other records that could be potentially broken before the end of the season.

3.) Girls 60H


The current record for the girls 60H is 8.86, which was run by Cidnee Davies of Syracuse back in 2015.  Alisabeth Apedaile of Mountain Crest and Savannah Nielson of Delta are both in striking distance and are currently the only two girls in Utah who have run under 9 seconds for 60H.  Apedaile has a faster PR of 8.93, while Nielson comes in close behind with a PR of 8.96.  

2.) Boys 800m

The current record for the boys 800m is 1:52.61, set by Haden Penrod of Springville back in 2017. Austin Klingler of West Jordan (1:53) and Tim Bryan of Snow Canyon (1:55) both have PRs that show they are within range of breaking this record. Just imagine if these two were put in the same field, there's no doubt in my mind that one of them could dip into that 1:52 range which only two Utah boys have ever done in an indoor season.

1.) Boys 400m

The current record for the boys 400m is 48.15, set by Hunter Woodhall of Syracuse back in 2017.  Austin Klingler has run 48.24 this season, and of all of these records that we have gone over today, this record has the best odds of being broken.  Klingler is a phenomenal athlete with what seems to be an unlimited range at the moment, seeing how the guy has run 10.90 for 100m and 4:21 for 1600m.  Hunter Woodhall has been greatly known for how well he runs the 400m, and the para Olympic athlete had even had the chance to show that on the world stage when he placed second in the Rio Para Olympic finals back in 2016.  For Klingler to break the record of this legend would be an epic accomplishment and a great way to cap off the end of his senior year indoor season.