Analyzing Corner Canyon's Performance at Bob Firman

Corner Canyon started the season confident in its squad and with their sights set on Nike Cross Nationals. After a surprising stress fracture sidelined their star transfer, the chargers had to readjust and rely on their depth to cary them through the season.

Before Easton Allred moved to Utah, Corner Canyon was a top returning team in the Southwest Region and the addition of the NXN All-American seemed to make them a lock for that auto qualifying spot.  The team has definitely been tested without him after falling to American Fork at the BYU Autumn Classic where they finished just nine points behind the cavemen.

Head Coach Devin Moody took his boys aside and gave them the goal of tightening the spread they have.  At BYU they finished with a 1:14 spread, having their top runner (Mark Boyle) finishing in a time of 15:57.50 (5th overall) and their fifth man Aj Rowland finishing in a time of 17:12.2 (80th overall).

 At Bob Firman we saw the spread get cut IN HALF when they threw down a 15:53 average, and a 38 second spread. If they would have had at least a minute spread at BYU, they would have won the meet by a close margin. 

There is no doubt that Corner Canyon will have a tough road ahead of them having to face American Fork three more times this year. First at Regions,  then at State,  and finally at NXR-SW, (and maybe even nationals, who knows!).  Corner Canyon and AF will both be racing at Park City this Friday but  Corner Canyon will be in the AM session and AF will be in the PM session.  It'll be fun to see where these two school lie in the meet merge.

Allred, as mentioned in the interview at Bob Firman, is making a steady recovery and is eyeing a comeback for the end of the season. He is confident he'll be back for NXR-SW and is hoping to possibly be healthy for State as the soonest. With Allred, in the mix, even if he's not at his full health,  will be a dangerous weapon for the chargers and make life harder their competition. 

Corner Canyon's top 7 5k times so far this season

Corner Canyon (UT)93
1) Mark Boyle15:33.805
2) Caleb Johnson15:35.907
3) Alex Harbertson15:55.2017
4) Aj Rowland16:10.1031
5) Ben Dastrup16:12.0033
Average Time: 15:53.40 Total Time: 1:19:27.00 1-5 Split: 38.20
6) Nathan Beltran16:41.7094
7) Arik Manwaring16:42.6295