Athlete Spotlight: Lauren Merrill (Orem)

Lauren Merrill is a senior out of Orem who has already taken two wins in her first two individual races of the season.  At the Early Bird Invitational, Lauren went 15.89 in the 100m Hurdles (A new personal best) and 46.86 for the 300m Hurdles.  Lauren is your all-around athlete seeing as how she has competed in the high jump, long jump, sprints, hurdles, and even pole vault.  

Lauren's Personal Bests

100mH15.89Early Bird Invitational (2019)
300mH46.01Utah State Track & Field Championships (2018)
400m1:03.05Utah Last Chance Meet (2019)
High Jump4-2Pine View Invitational (2017)
Long Jump16-6.5Region 10 Championships (2018)
Pole Vault10-8National Pole Vault Summit (2019)

How did you first get started running?

I was a gymnast for 13 years and 3 years ago when I quit I knew I wanted to find something where I could be competitive and also have fun, so I decided to run track and it's been the best decision I've ever made! 

Favorite workout?

Workouts focusing on hurdles are my favorite because I can really focus on technique and make corrections easily. 

Least favorite workout?

600 repeats or hills !! ugh

How do you personally prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race?

To mentally prepare I will put my beats on and I'll listen to music to get myself pumped up but I try to not think about my race too much, if I get in my head I'll stress and get nervous so I try to have a positive mindset. To physically prepare I will make sure I get enough sleep and eat well prior to meet day. On race day I will warm up just like practice so everything feels normal and stress-free. 

Pre-race superstition?

Right before I get into my blocks I'll touch the track with both hands and take a deep breath and when I breathe out I tell myself I'm breathing out all the stress and nerves so I am 100% positively prepared.

Most memorable race?

Last year at state. I tore my Achilles a week before so running on a bad ankle hurt a ton but I pushed through and got a PR and took 4th. 

Where are you at on college decisions?

I have a few colleges talking to me, but I haven't committed anywhere yet. 

What are your top three goals for this season?

Win state in 100H, 300H, and Pole Vault

Place top 3 at BYU Invite in 100H, 300H, and Pole Vault

be a leader on my team and have fun!!