Athlete Spotlight: Easton Brandt (Canyon View)

Easton Brandt has made great strides his senior year and he is already off to a hot start coming off his two personal best performances from the snow canyon invitational last week.  At Snow Canyon, he ran 4:29.51 and finished 2nd overall and came back the next day to run a 9:43.54 for another 2nd place performance.  Brandt finished 2nd overall in the 4A State XC Championships last fall at Sugar House Park.  

Easton Brandt's Personal Bests

800m1:56.94Utah State Track & Field Championships (2018)
1600m4:29.51Snow Canyon Invitational (2019)
3200m9:43.54Snow Canyon Invitational (2019)
2.X Mile Run16:14.40Murray Invitational (2017)
3 Mile Run15:19.50Cedar XC Invitational (2018)
5000m Run16:30.90Footlocker West Regional (2018)

How did you first get started running?

I got started running my freshman year of high school mainly just doing sprints and jumping but then moved to running xc and distance events in track my junior year.

Favorite Workout?

My favorite workout is anything to do with 400's and 800 repeats but I really enjoy doing 1000m repeats.

Least Favorite Workout?

My least favorite workouts are when the team does mile or 1200m repeats.

How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race?

What I like to do before a race is run the race in my head and picture exactly how it's going to feel and layout. I do about 10-15 min for warm up with just a slow light jog to loosen the muscles up. Followed by some stride outs and some plyometrics than counseling with my coach on how I should best approach and run the race.

Pre Race superstition?

As for pre-race superstition, I don't usually have anything but for bigger races, I tend to try to stay away from anything that could possibly go wrong such as curbs as to avoid injury

Most memorable race?

My most memorable race was state cross country 2018 placed 2nd

Where are you at on college decisions?

As for college decisions I have signed and will be joining the SUU men's cross country team this coming fall 2019

What are your top 3 goals you wish to accomplish this season?

My top 3 goals for this season is to go under 4:20 in the mile and under 9:20 in the 2 mile also run a 1:50 for my 800m