Quick Takes from State

Sarah Feeny of Ogden set the State Course Record with her victory in 17:25- Photo by Kyle Perry


Quick Takes: As I write all the meet recaps, and load all the photo galleries etc, I wanted to update everyone on a few quick highlights from the meet before all the full breakdowns.

So there were a few finishes that were to close to call, on both the Individual and team side of things. There were a few races that were run-away wins for the individual, and a few come from behind wins. All that will be discussed in the classification break downs, but here is the nitty gritty what you want to know


Team State Champions

5A Boys- American Fork with 44 Points and the second best team time ever on this course. Runner up Lone Peak with 82 points .

5A Girls- Davis with 27 points. Someone please let me know if anyone has ever scored less. Runner up American Fork with 90 points.

4A Boys- Orem Tigers 71 points, Runner Up Timpanogos with 105.

4A Girls- Ogden Tigers edge Timpanogos 98 to 103

3A Boys- Desert Hills with 49 points, and Park City holds off Pine View 73 to 79.

3A Girls- Park City wins with 31 points. Cedar the Runner up scored

2A Boys-Rowland Hall wins a close one over North Summit, 68 to 79

2A Girls- North Summit and Enterprise both score 66, N.S. gets the win because their 6th was 2 places ahead of Enterprise.

1A Boys- Monticello’s 35 points beats Panguitch’s 49

1A Girls- Panguitch over Monticello, 33 points to 67


Individual Champions

5A Boys- Connor Mcmillan, American Fork- 15:04 *New 5A Record

5A Girls- Lucy Biles, Herriman- 17:41.9, *Misses the 5A course record by .9

4A Boys- Connor Mantz, Skyview- 15:11 *4A Jr. Record, he now holds Fr, So. And Jr. Records.

4A Girls- Sarah Feeny Ogden- 17:25 *All Classification State Record

3A Boys- Garrett Marsing, Carbon 16:02

3A Girls- Aimee Bryson wins her 2nd consecutive title in 17:58 in a shootout with a Park City trio. *Breaks her own 3A State Record by 1 second.

2A Boys- Ryan Westermann, Rowland Hall, 16:09 *2A Record

2A Girls- Anna Camp of Millard out leans Emily Sundquist at the line- 19:16.5 to 19:16.8

1A Boys- Easton Nielsen wins it in 16:41

1A Girls-Whittni Orton of Panguitch runs away with it in 19:23.