2013 Utah State Championship: 2a Girls Preview

Bonnie Curtis of Richfield and Hailee Rogers of Emery will do battle in the 400m Dash, Pictured here at the BYU invite- Photo by Kyle Perry


The 2a Girls State Championship is going to be a very exciting one to watch. North Summit Holds the edge in the rankings, but they are close enough that when considering prelims and rounds and the potential for false starts or a dropped baton, any thing can happen and Richfield is very capable of an upset.

In the Sprint events, Ashlynn Allred of Emery is ranked first in both the 100m and 200m. She is only a Sophomore and should have a great meet.

In the distance events, Junior Emily Sundquist of Roland Hall is the favorite across the board. She holds the top ranking in the 800, 1600, and 3200, with her best marks quite a good distance ahead of the pack.

The field events will be highlighted by a Javelin battle worth the watch. Earlier this season Mandee Christensen set the state record for the 2a Javelin, only to have her record broken a few weeks later by Anden Lyman of Enterprise. Lyman’s coach thinks she still has more in the tanks and could improve her own mark, and watch for Christensen to rise to the occasion to try to take her record back.

The Relays are another place where North Summit can pull away. They are ranked first in the 4x400 and second in the other two, 26 points in those three events are crucial to their title hopes.

 Top Marks in Individual Events


1-    Ashlynn Allred, Emery

2-    Kadi Samake, Wasatch Academy

3-    Riley Lyman, Enterprise


1-    Ashlynn Allred, Emery

2-    Kadi Samake, Wasatch Academy

3-    Carly Dalton, Grand


1-    Bonnie Curtis, Richfield

2-    Hailee Rogers, Emery

3-    Mckell Richins, North Summit


1-    Emily Sundquist, Rowland Hall

2-    Lauren Rasich, Rowland Hall

3-    Mckell Richins, North Summit


1-    Emily Sundquist, Rowland Hall

2-    Lydia Foster, Richfield

3-    Abbi Zwahlen, North Summit


1-    Emily Sundquist, Rowland Hall

2-    Olivia Moyle, Enterprise

3-    Lydia Foster, Richfield


1-    Carly Dalton, Grand

2-    Kelli Macdonald, Beaver

3-    Erica Richins, North Summit


1-    Riley Lyman, Enterprise

2-    Carly Dalton, Grand

3-    Schyler, Beaver

Shot Put

1-    Samantha Giddings, San Juan

2-    Kaitlyn Rowser, North Summit

3-    Sammi Beck, Richfield


1-    Sammi Beck, Richfield

2-    Kaitlyn Rowser, North Summit

3-    Kaitlyn Smith, Beaver


1-    Anden Lyman, Enterprise

2-    Mandee Christensen, Manti

3-    Jenny Sherrow, San Juan

Long Jump

1-    Kellie Macdonald, Beaver

2-    Emeri Larsen, Millard

3-    Anna Camp, Millard

3-  Mckale Simpson, San Juan

High Jump-

1-    Chennin Benson, Parowan

2-    Mariah Clayson, Kanab

3-    Schyler Jordan, Beaver


1-    Emery

2-    North Summit

3-    Manti


1-    North Summit

2-    Emery

3-    Kanab

Sprint Medley

1-    Richfield

2-    North Summit

3-    Rowland Hall