Simplot By the Numbers


Simplot: By the Numbers


Boys Victories

Utah Wins: 2 (Ben Saarel 3200m, Davis 4x400)

Percent of Wins per event 11.7%


Girls Victories

Utah Wins: 4 (Shea Martinez 800m, Sarah Feeny 1600, Summer Harper 3200, Top of Utah Track Club 4x800)

Percent of Wins: 23.4%



State Leading Times 2013


Boys State Leaders : 5

Jake Heslington, Timpanogos- 1600m 4:20.62 2nd Place

Ben Saarel, Park City- 3200m 9:00.62 1st place

Cam Dopp, Woods Cross - 60m Hurdles  8.27 7th place

Woods Cross 4x200 6th place

Riverton 4x400 1st place


Girls State Leaders: 6

Sarah Feeny, Ogden – 1600m 4:56.26 1st place

Summer Harper, Orem – 3200m 11:03.21 1st place

Nicole Laws, Provo – 60m Hurdles 9.03 9th

Shea Martinez, Davis – 800m 2:09.14 1st

Davis 4x400- 3:57.93 3rd place

Davis Sprint Medley- 4:24.00 5th place



State All Time Records

Boys: 1 (Riverton 4x400)

Girls: 1 (Davis 4x400)



National top 50 ranked Times

Boys: 9

Jacopo Spano 200m Dash ranked 26th* (at UHSTCA Championship he posted a 22.08 ranked 25th, at Simplot he posted a 22.09)

Ben Sareel 3200m ranked 4th

Conner Mantz 3200m Ranked 13th

Jordan Cross 3200m Ranked 29th* (at UHSTCA Championship he posted a time ranked 21st, this is not his season best)

Jerrell Mock, 3200m ranked 36th

Davis boys 4x400 ranked 8th

Cam Dopp 60h ranked 39th

Mercury Track Club Sprint Medley ranked 16th

Davis Sprint Medley ranked 17th


Girls: 6

Sarah Feeny 1600 ranked 29

Mountain crest 4x800 36th

Shea Martinez 800m 2nd

Taylor Cox 800m 32nd

Avery Calton 800m 40th

Nicole Laws 60m h 49th


Meet Records

Boys: 1

Ben Saarel – 3200m

Girls: 0



One last Statistic, But possibly the the most interesting.

Ben Saarel ran 9:00 in the 3200m. That is a 4:30 1600m back to back. In the prelims of the 1600, the 4:30’s Ben ran back to back would have been 5th and 6th place. In the finals he would have been 12th and 13th back to back. Pretty impressive! Rumor has it he closed his last 400m in 55.2 which means after having run 2800m he would have continued on to 65th place in the 400m.