2018 Uintah Invitational

Vernal, UT
Hosted by Uintah
Timing/Results Runner Card

Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (USDB) Results

Girls Athlete Place Section Results
100 Meter Dash
18.17 Amber Lam 50th Finals H1 Results
21.82 Brittney Arambula 52nd Finals H1 Results
200 Meter Dash
39.05 Amber Lam 44th Finals H1 Results
36-2 Amber Lam 52nd Prelims H1 Results
35-4.5 Brittney Arambula 53rd Prelims H1 Results
17-1 Brittney Arambula 29th Prelims H1 Results
Shot Put
15-8.25 Brittney Arambula 60th Prelims H1 Results
14-3.75 Amber Lam 61st Prelims H1 Results
Boys Athlete Place Section Results
100 Meter Dash
14.24 SB Jake Mathis 60th Finals H1 Results
400 Meter Dash
1:13.29 SB Jake Mathis 45th Finals H1 Results
1:18.91 Pablo Maya 46th Finals H1 Results
1600 Meter Run
6:45.50 Pablo Maya 47th Finals H1 Results
3200 Meter Run
13:24.55 Pablo Maya 19th Finals H1 Results
Long Jump
12-4 Jake Mathis 43rd Prelims H1 Results
51-3 Gustavo Garcia 47th Prelims H1 Results
43-9 Gustavo Garcia 36th Prelims H1 Results
Shot Put
22-9.75 Gustavo Garcia 44th Prelims H1 Results