Boise State Jacksons Recap: How the Locals Fared

At the Boise State Jacksons Invitational Lauren Baxter of Timpanogos put up some great times in day 1, but on day 2 she didn't compete. we are hoping it isn't something too serious that kept her out of the final day of competition. With Baxter out, that left 100% of the spotlight to the Darts of Davis High School. 

Day 1 of competition saw the Darts win the girls 4x800 with a 9:14.86. The Boys relay also grabbed a win with a school record time of 8:01.38. Preston Johnson and Alex Hedquist went 2-3 in the 2 mile behind Elijah Armstrong from Pocatello. 

Day 2 of competition the relays split up to run for some individual glory

In the Girls 1 Mile Ellie Child won overall with Taylor Cox coming in third. Ellie Ran a 5:09 which is the #1 time for a Utah native so far this year.

In the Boys Mile Preston Johnson notched his second silver of the weekend again coming in second to Armstrong of Pocatello. Johnsons time of 4:22.31 is also a Utah leading time at this point in the season. Skylar Williams was in third in the Boys Mile with a 4:27. 


Christine Van Brocklin came in 4th in the Girls 60m hurdles  as well as an 8th place finish in the 400m Dash. 


Shea Martinez had a very impressive performance in the Girls 800 winning by 8 seconds and posting up  a time that ranks 3rd on the National Boards so far this year. Look for her to Improve on that time as well, which she should do when she gets to run side by side with some competitors to push her. 


All in all Davis put up some nationally ranked times in multiple events which helped them live up to the billing they have earned as one of the nations most powerful and deep teams. 


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