Scouting Report: Lone Peak Girls

Top 7 Girls Returnees: (Full Team Score Rankings)

2Lone Peak (UT) 121
1) Eliza Arrington17:56.7014
2) Ali Bybee18:04.1017
3) Reagan Gardner18:07.2020
4) Madi Hafen18:07.4021
5) Monet Winger18:44.2049
Average Time: 18:11.92 Total Time: 1:30:59.60 1-5 Split: 47.50
6) Hallie Kemp19:17.4088
7) Rachel Seeley19:20.7098

Q&A with Lone Peak Coach Meldrum

1. How many years have you been coaching high school cross country (and at your current school)?

I have coached at Lone Peak for the last 4 years. I coached in California for 1 year before moving to Utah.

2. What do you attribute as the main reasons for the success of your program?

A program needs numbers.  When Ryan and I started we had a team of about 15-20 including boyband girls.  This year we have over a 110 on the team.  We have also created an environment that kids feel both safe and confident to try hard things.  We tell them the biggest failures is to never try.  It's also helpful to have fast girls :)

3. What would be the best way to Describe your style and philosophy of coaching and working with high school runners?

High School kids are so fun to work with.  Sometimes we can get caught up in the winning aspect of our sport.  We have never really put a huge emphasis on Winning.  Our theory is to take care of the athlete, let them know that we care about them in all aspects of their lives and the winning will come. 

4. What are your core beliefs in your training plan and workouts for your cross country squads?

A core belief is that you treat  each athlete as an individual recognizing that what works for some might not work for all.

5. How many runners do you return from your top 7 from a year ago?
We are lucky we have all seven returning.

6. Who is your projected top 7 heading into the cross country season?
Ali, Reagan, Eliza, and Maddie and Monet will all be there but then after that there will be some changes over the year.

7. Who are your team captains or leaders and what stands out about them as examples for the rest of their teammates? 
Ali, Taylor Smart, and Kenzie Bybee.  These girls have been with me from the beginning Taylor camp along last year.  They know what we want and the type of culture we ate trying to instill.

8. Who have you been most impressed or surprised with their improvement and/or fitness from their summer training? 
Honestly some of the girls that are running for the last few spots on Varsity have really improved.

9. Any impactful freshmen or transfers to join the team this season?
To be determined ;)

10. What are the top invitational meets that your team will be attending this season?
Murray, BYU, Utah County invite, and our Region races.

11. What will be the biggest obstacle or challenge facing your team this season? 
Keeping everyone healthy.

12. What will be the biggest reason why your team is successful this season?
They are successful because they honestly love and care for one another.

13. What is a favorite annual or common pre-season workout or run for your team?
Charlie Brown, I swear the girls would do it everyday if we would let them.

14. What is a favorite annual or common mid-season workout for your team?
They run hill workouts pretty regularly and it's fun to see them get faster and do more by the end of the summer.  For some they can't do it without walking and by the end they do 4 in a row.

15. What is a favorite annual or common championship season or end-of-season workout for your team?
400 who does not love a good 400 workout.

16. What are your top 3 goals for this year's squad?
Run well at State, stay healthy mentally and physically, and NXN would be icing on the cake.