Athlete Spotlight: Camille Winterton

Athlete spotlight interview with Skyline senior Camille Winterton.  Camille is coming off her best XC season of her career. She has already started off this season with a 7th place finish at the highland invitational besting her time of last year by 20 seconds!  Followed up by a stellar 3rd place performance and new PR at the Westlake Grass Relays.  Camille finished 4th overall at the Utah State XC Championship 4A Girls race with a PR of 18:05.50.  She is the top returner for the 5A division and she will be gunning for her first state title of her career. 

Camille Winterton's Personal Bests

800m2:23.78Orem Tiger Trials Invitational (2016)
1600m5:08.16Utah State Track and Field Championships (2016)
3200m10:58.90BYU High School Invitational (2016)
2 mile11:56.00Westlake Grass Relays (2017)
3 mile18:05.50Utah State XC Championships (2016)
5k18:34.90Bob Firman Invitational (2016)

-How did you first get started running?

My mom ran in high school and college as well as my sisters. So my mom wanted us to do sports. Being one of the youngest in my family, I wanted to be like my older sisters, so I did xc and track in jr high. I already have lots of competitive genes from my parents and running made those show more. I also loved pushing myself to try to and be the best. We had fun runs in elementary school as well and I always liked to see if I could win. 

-Favorite workout?

My favorite workout is probably Dog Lake. It is a really steep trail up Millcreek Canyon, it is a beautiful trail, and it tests your body at every level. It gives you something to work for too, because you want to beat your previous time and get up to see the lake. 

-Least favorite workout?

800m hill repeats are really hard and usually we do them in the middle of the day when it is sweltering outside and the sun is pounding on us. 

-How do you personally prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race?

My coach always tells me to imagine myself where I want to be finishing and I tell myself I feel really good and I imagine myself starting in a good place and do my best to do so. For the physical part, I try to get to bed as early as I can  2 days before and the night before so I am well rested and I try to eat nutritious foods. 

-pre race superstition?

I have to wear the same pair of socks, do my hair in the same race bun and I have to wear the same sports bra 

-most memorable race?

Sophomore year, the first race of the season was Highland Invitational. My sisters wedding was 2 nights before and I didn't get much sleep and it was extremely hot. I don't really remember the last mile of the race cause I was so dizzy and oxygen deprived and I was almost completely unconscious after I crossed the finish line and was sitting down for a minute. When I started to come to, I was going crazy and trying to spit on people and I was throwing water on the first aid people. They finally got me on oxygen tubes and I eventually became myself again. 

2nd most memorable race: I was the fifth leg in a 5 x 2mile relay and we were 55 seconds behind our rival school team. I was able to close that gap and put our team 5 seconds ahead of theirs by the finish . 

-Where are you at in your college decisions?

I am still undecided 

-What are your top 3 goals you wish to accomplish this season?

• to win state as a team 

•to win state individually

•to qualify for nationals at NXR or Footlocker depending on which one my team goes to